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  1. Posted by mo00144444, — Reply

    I know she was absolutely stunning but people should just accept that she was insecure about her lips and now she is a powerful woman! People just need to see that these people are humans and they can do what they want with their body!

  2. Posted by gillkelly16, — Reply

    I think people would b cool with her having surgery, but she was way to young to start and also has denied it other than saying her lips where done, this is very irresponsible especially when her fans are young females predominantly.

  3. Posted by heysexyhowareyou, — Reply

    ok i don’t love her but that glo up🙌 also i don’t understand why she gets all the hate about having surgery??? she was beautiful then and she’s beautiful now lol

  4. Posted by korneliatury1981, — Reply

    She's fake top to bottom she's a multimillionaire good for her ,but no man going to respect her in her life look at the whole family all of them divorced Kim and the other Mother ex husband is a women all of them head f....up because of the money

  5. Posted by ariaunderworld, — Reply

    Wtf in the last one she kinda looks like Elena from tvd. Just me?.... Okay

  6. Posted by susanseelandt, — Reply

    Much like Kim she looks like shes had a race change operation, as well.

  7. Posted by harkeenbains, — Reply

    2016 was her best year

  8. Posted by lyonsdebbiee, — Reply

    yada yada yesterday's news. 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

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