56 Painfully Hilarious Comics About Periods That Only Women Will Understand


I'm sure the majority of women around the world can agree on one thing: Periods suck. Period. That's why the internet is full of painfully hilarious comics on this topic!


  1. Posted by LeopardScales, — Reply

    Cramps were proven to possibly be as painful as a heart attack. I don’t get bad cramps but for those who do, stay strong and badass laddies, you can fight through anything.

  2. Posted by kaylee2790, — Reply

    First month with period : This isn't so bad One year later: AHHHH SCREW EVERYONE I WANT CHOCOLATE AND CUDDLES BUT DON'T TOUCH ME (I have literally wanted to be cuddled but not touched before)

  3. Posted by Stellaromanoff2, — Reply

    I'm studying science and sometimes I've to miss my classes because of these cramps. And I always have been scolded by my male teachers. Though they are biology professor but they will never understand

  4. Posted by nringhofer94, — Reply

    I totally understand the menstrual cycle is a horrid and painful thing but don't make puberty seem easy for guys. Random erections at any given moment or the slightest touch making it impossible for you to stand or move. Making you awkward and embarrassed.

  5. Posted by boredomsbicht, — Reply

    Of course puberty is difficult on everyone, no shit. But periods can literally stop women from going to work or school. It’s literally the worst shit, even minor cramps. I personally don’t get bad cramps but my friend does and she literally cries over it.

  6. Posted by yehawmfs, — Reply

    Boys get hit they be fine. Girls get hit by puberty they be anything but fine. -some meme i found on instagram.

  7. Posted by Dreams_Catcher, — Reply

    On my first few days im literally on the ground about to cry and my mom walks in and says, "Suck it up. I had to go through labor twice. " Um excuse me but I don't care. You can't have children anymore so please stab my uterus before it finishes sacrificing itself to satan

  8. Posted by storylover488, — Reply

    First period: I want to DIIIIEEEEE, I AM IN SO MUCH PAIN!! PLEASE LET ME STAY HOME! Mom: you just want to avoid the first day of 6th grade The rest of my periods that I've had after that: it's not that bad, I just have to make sure my pad doesn't leak Friends: no cramps!?! Me: nope

  9. Posted by garbage_waffle, — Reply

    tbh I don't get super bad cramps (granted I just started my period for the first time a few months ago) but I can't ever tell if I'm just really hungry or if I have cramp edit: I was wrong

  10. Posted by feteders, — Reply

    See no one said anything about periods, luckily I got mine late and my friends explained it all to me, also where to get cheap pads and the high quality ones, but i don’t like asking people to get pads so I ask my sister to ask them (thanks sis)

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